Get An Accurate Diagnosis With Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays are a proven dental technology that provides more detailed images of the inside of your mouth than traditional film X-rays. Getting digital X-rays at Smiles 4 U in Overland Park is easy, comfortable, and accurate.

What is involved in getting digital X-rays?

Taking a digital X-ray is a simple, non-invasive procedure. The X-ray machine is adjusted into the correct position to capture images of a specific part of your mouth. The entire process is usually completed in less than ten minutes.

What are the benefits of digital X-rays?

The images can be taken quickly and easily, and the quality is much better than traditional film X-rays. The images can be viewed immediately on a monitor, and you can see exactly what we see. This makes it easier for our dentist to identify possible problems with your teeth or gums. Because digital images are stored in a computer, they can be recalled and shared with your insurance provider or other healthcare professionals.

Are digital X-rays safe?

Digital X-rays emit 90% less radiation than traditional film X-rays, which makes them a safer option for patients. Since the images are taken quickly and accurately, you will only be exposed to this minimal radiation for a short time.

Who should consider digital X-rays?

Digital X-rays are a great choice for anyone looking for an accurate oral health assessment. They are a standard procedure for new patients coming in for their first exam.

Contact us today to learn more about our digital X-rays. Our friendly, helpful team is here to answer any questions or concerns you may have and help set you down the road to a healthy smile!


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  • See detailed images of the inside of your mouth
  • View the images immediately on a monitor
  • Experience less exposure to radiation
  • Get a more accurate assessment of dental issues
  • Obtain a quick and detailed diagnosis!

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