Get A Better Assessment Of Your Smile Using Our Intraoral Cameras

At Smiles 4 U in Overland Park, we’re proud to offer our patients proven technologies for their oral health care needs. One of our trusted and most sought-after technologies is intraoral cameras.

What are intraoral cameras?

They are small, handheld cameras that fit comfortably inside the mouth and allow us to see difficult-to-reach areas easily. The camera captures images of the teeth and gums, allowing us to see even the most minor details. This can help us diagnose issues more accurately and provide better patient treatment options.

How are intraoral cameras used in our office?

We use the images captured by the camera to educate patients and help them understand their dental issues. We can also track changes over time, which allows us to monitor progress more closely. In addition, we can transfer data or share it with your insurance provider and other healthcare professionals for collaboration and treatment planning.

What are the benefits of intraoral cameras?

Intraoral cameras allow us to diagnose and treat problems quickly and accurately. Patients can also see precisely what we see, which helps them be more actively engaged in their treatment plans. Finally, they allow us to record changes over time to track progress and adjust treatment accordingly.

What is involved in an intraoral camera exam?

The exam is comfortable and quick. The camera is small and fits easily into the mouth, so you don’t feel restricted or uncomfortable during the procedure. The images are then displayed on a monitor so that we can get a better view of what’s going on inside your mouth.

If you want to learn more about intraoral cameras and how they can benefit your oral health, contact Smiles 4 U today! Our team will happily answer any questions and help get you the care you deserve.


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  • Diagnose oral issues quicker than usual
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  • Avoid exposure to harmful radiation
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