What To Expect On Your First Visit

Thanks for visiting our website! We’re very pleased that you’re here, reading about the care that we will provide to you and your family should we be so fortunate as to welcome you to our practice. We know there’s a lot on your “must have” list when you’re looking for a new family dentist in Overland Park KS, so if you have any questions, please give us a call. We’re always here for you! But better yet, come see us! You’ll be warmly welcomed, you’ll meet our team, and you’ll be able to get a good feel for our practice and the quality of care we provide.


Front Desk

Whether on the phone or in our practice, our team at the front desk will always greet you with respect, compassion, kindness … and with a smile. This is the team who coordinates your care – from scheduling and reminders, to insurance, to helping you understand your treatment options. And to ensure that Dr. Kali can create a treatment plan specifically tailored to you, our front desk team will gather your medical information – after all, it’s our mission to provide the best care for you as your medical history will influence your treatment. For your convenience, you can download our medical form and complete it before your visit. There is rarely a question our front desk team can’t answer, so never hesitate. We’ve got you covered!



At your first hygiene appointment, we cover the basics in thorough detail. That’s because we want to get to know you well before we treat you. We’ll ask about your past dental health and treatments, and we’ll talk about your smile goals and how to achieve them. When we examine your mouth we’ll complete a “mouth map” so that we can track changes over time, helping us to more-accurately identify future oral health needs. We'll also complete an oral cancer check. Hygienists are “education specialists,” so if you have questions about your home care, your oral health, or your smile wishes, our hygienist is your captured audience!


Practice Tour

Many of our new patients ask why we offer a practice tour. All Overland Park dentist offices are alike, right? Well, we have a different perspective. On our tours, you can meet all your care providers, see where we will care for you, and become familiar with our reception area, restrooms, and more. Especially if you’re feeling nervous about “visiting the dentist,” please seriously consider asking us for a tour. A tour before your first visit may help to alleviate any anxiety you may feel. 



When you’re here for your hygiene visit, you’ll meet Dr. Kali Nalamachu. In an unrushed manner, Dr. Kali will examine your teeth and gums, review your hygiene appointment findings with you, discuss any cosmetic concerns with you, and then, with your goals in mind, design a treatment plan that will help your smile reach and stay in optimum health. All of this will be completed in an unrushed atmosphere of respect and compassion. 

Your Dental Home

Whether you come to us due to an emergency dental visit, or because of a referral, or because you found us while searching “Overland Park Family Dentist,” we’re very happy to have the privilege of welcoming you to Smiles 4 U. It’s important to us that you are comfortable here, that you feel great about your appointment, and especially, that you are confident in your bright, healthy, pain-free smile! Call now!